Performance hall and Music school

Loiron - France

Date: 2014

Client: Communauté de communes du Pays de Loiron

Net area: 1800 m² SHON

Cost: 2.55 M€ HT

Mission: design, construction supervision

Extension project to the existing Loiron School of Music and Municipal Services building in rural west-central France, built in 1998. Program includes a new 250-seat performance hall, residences for visiting artists, rehearsal rooms, offices and technical spaces. The extension, which nearly triples the footprint of the existing building (concrete, slate and composite panel cladding), respects its orthagonal, accretive order while adding a new materiality to the complex with its system of dark, stained, oversized wood «shingles» and its monolithic volume, evoking a natural formation in the landscape and recalling the vocabulary of agricultural and industrial buildings found in the region.